Build civilized web applications

Build Custom Sites

Build highly custom sites of most kinds: content management systems, ecommerce systems, intranets, bespoke websites, and more.

Admin UI

Get an out-of-the-box management interface that you can plug custom forms and other management features into. Handle large amounts of content easily.

User Management

Give yourself out-of-the-box user and group management and facilities for changing passwords and password resets.

Built-In Security

Make highly granular security assertions against database content, allowing for tight access control of specific resources.

Text Indexing

Built-in text indexing and search allows your users to find their content without requiring you to configure, manage and learn an external text indexing system.


Define workflow states and transitions for types of content, and enforce them.


Undo virtually any action taken via the management interface or by a retail user.


Performance and availability monitoring is baked in. Use any statsd provider to set up visibility into your application's performance.


Every action taken by each site user is logged into a built-in audit log facility.


Folder contents

Handle lots of content by arranging it into folders within Substance D's resource tree. Folders can become subsites for your customers. Realtime updates when other users edit.

Security management

Each item in the resource tree can have its own authorization policy. The resource tree allows you to protect all the content in a folder and its subfolders with the same settings.


Every action performed by a site user (even retail users) can be undone. If an administrative user or a retail user makes a mistake, they can undo it immediately.

Property Management

Each piece content stored within Substance D can have its own properties; multiple property "sheets" can be defined for a content type and can be made editable.

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